Under the NZ Government mandated Covid Protection Framework – based on all those over 12 years 3 months being fully vaccinated and holding a current vaccine pass.  

GREEN: No limits on numbers, record keeping/scanning required 

ORANGE: no limit on numbers in the EA Networks Centre, spectators permitted – record keeping/scanning required 

RED: Up to 100 people inside the stadium, 25 people per court, no spectators – record keeping/scanning required.  

PLAYERS/ TEAM MANAGEMENT/ UMPIRES/ SCORERS/ TIMEKEEPERS SPECTATORS – anyone present and all those over 12 years and 3 months old must be fully vaccinated and carry a vaccine pass able to be presented if asked by a MCN official.  The only exception is secondary school aged players representing their school, who do not have to present a My Vaccine Pass as per the Public Health Order which came into effect on March 13, 2022. This only applied when playing for the school, not clubs.

CLUBS: players 12 years and 3 months and over, registering through Sporty will be required to upload a current vaccine passport with their registration. Clubs must advise all team personnel and spectators that they are required to be fully vaccinated to attend games. Please note no spectators permitted under red traffic light. 

Protocols to be observed under the red light setting:

Teams are restricted to Players, Coach, Manager and Primary care only, maximum 13 people total. Face masks are recommended for all those not either on court or umpiring under orange, and compulsory under red.


  • Practise best hygiene at all times and social distancing as required

  • If unwell, please stay at home

  • Do not touch surfaces unnecessarily when warming up and cooling down ie goal posts or pads, floors/ground, score bench.

  • Bring your own sports towel and drink bottle and keep stored in a bag – not to be left on surfaces, ensure they are not in the way of the umpire. Drink holders are not to be used.

  • It is recommended that Players provide their own sanitiser so they can use it in the breaks

  • Recommend limited use of bathrooms where possible.

  • Clip your nails at home before coming to netball activity. For hygiene reasons do not share clippers

  • Please come ready dressed for your game/training.


  • Do paper scissors rock or coin toss at appropriate social distance

  • Inform the scorers and umpires who won the toss, who is taking the ball and which way the teams are going

  • When the umpire asks please take your match ball to them. They will ask you to bounce the ball and guide you through the checking of it.

  • If approaching the umpire for clarifications, ensure you keep your social distance.

  • At the end of the game the captain from the team that the game ball belongs to will collect the ball and take it to their team bench 


  • Each team is to nominate a scorer for the whole of the game who is submitted on the team sheet. 

  • Team sheets are to be submitted via the app 30 minutes prior to the start of the game.

  • Scorer will provide their own device to do the scoring 

  • The scorer using the app will not change throughout the game unless absolutely necessary, if this is to happen, the new scorer must sanitise their hands, using their team’s sanitiser. It is not possible to change devices mid game so a dedicated person ie not a player or primary care should be used. 

  • The scorers should sit together on the same side of the court, ensuring social distancing and regularly checking the scores are correct. Please check with the umpires at the end of each quarter to ensure the centre pass is correct. 

  • The person at the bench operating the blue box shall remain the same person for the duration of the game. If a change is necessary the scoring device and bench should be wiped down with a Dettol wipe supplied at the bench.

  • At the end of the game the umpires will check both teams’ devices before submitting the final score. 

  • The score bench and electronic scoring device is to be wiped down using sanitiser provided between games.


  • Have Dettol wipes and disinfectant spray in kits – along with paper towels to clean with and a towel to dry with and a plastic bag for rubbish.

  • Register your team and players online prior to arrival

  • Ensure all team members sign in using the QR check in or manual sign-in sheet for competition games and trainings.

  • Ensure all players are well and a judgement on their wellness needs to be made if they stay or return home 

  • Ensure you have a game ball that is ready as a match ball and has been sanitised 

  • All equipment has been sanitised before each netball activity 

  • Ensure players have their own sports towel and drink bottle in their own bags courtside. No bottle holders are to be used for team bottles 

  • Have a fully equipped first aid kit plus gloves to attend to any injuries safely 

  • At the end of the game reserve or bench players are asked to please wipe the goal post pads down at the end your team was last shooting at. Also wipe down chairs used by your team.

  • Teams are to vacate the courts within 5 minutes of the game ending so the teams from the next round can enter 

Umpires – Registered and Player umpires 

  • Must not come or umpire if unwell 

  • Must provide their own sanitiser to use as needed court side 

  • Have your own whistle. DO NOT share whistles with anyone 

  • Have your own drink bottle, towel and other requirements in a closed bag readily available. Ensure all drink bottles and bags are safely out of the way.

  • Complete the nail check at the correct social distance. Do not touch the player’s hands 

  • Do not touch the ball – the only time you would touch the ball would be for a toss-up (ideally these should not happen) 

  • If the balls rolls off court a player from the court currently using that ball should retrieve it.

  • Maintain appropriate social distancing at all times 

  • Be precise and clear with instructions so as not to intrude into personal space of players 

  • Ball checks – ask the captains to bring their ball over and bounce it for you to see if it is flat. You ask the captain to show you the ball by turning is around in their hands. Both umpires will make a call from a distance. 

  • The centre who has the match ball will bring the ball out for the centre pass 

  • At the end of the game the captain from the team who the ball belongs to will collect the ball and take it back to their team bench. 

  • At the breaks you will check the score card/app and show the scorer how to complete this if necessary 

  • At the end of the game you will check both teams’ devices prior to them submitting the final score to ensure both devices match. 

  • Avoid touching the score benches, devices or other surfaces to keep yourself safe.