MCN Covid Policy

  1. Any player, coach, manager or official in a Mid Canterbury Netball run competition or activity, who is aged 12 years 3 months and older, must hold a vaccine passport. As per the Public Health Order (PHO) brought in on March 13, 2022, all children and young people, regardless of their vaccination status, can participate in netball on or off school site when they are representing their school.

  2. Spectators within the EA Networks Centre facility must wear a mask at all times. The only exception and times where masks are not required is when people are being physically active (ie practising, warming up or cooling down).

  3. Any requirements set by the EA Networks Centre facility must be adhered to, including being masked before entering the stadium, and showing your vaccination passport at the door. At peak times allow extra time for this.

  4. All participants in a Mid Canterbury Netball run competition or activity must regularly sanitise their hands using sanitiser provided, and regularly sanitise any equipment used during netball activity, ie balls.

  5. All participants must follow the protocols set out by MCN that are relevant to the netball activity they are undertaking.

  6. If you have tested positive for Covid-19, are displaying any symptoms or are otherwise sick or feeling unwell, you cannot enter EA Networks Centre.

  7. For further clarification on any point above please see MCN’s Covid FAQs here.

This policy is subject to change to ensure it adheres to the current situation and rules put in place by The Government.

Current as at: 17/3/2022